CSS Series: Positioning

A look around to static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky

Understanding CSS Position Property A look around to static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky

What is positioning?

There are different ways or methods which allow us to put elements where we want, to position them on the document/screen. We can use display, float, and position properties. Today we are going to cover the position property.

Which are the values for position?

  1. Static (default)
  2. Relative
  3. Absolute
  4. Fixed
  5. Sticky

Let’s talk about each of them

1) Static (default)

This is the default value for…

CSS Series

From * to custom data attributes

15 CSS Selectors You Should Know!

I’m going to show you the most used CSS selectors, yes! 15 of them! Simply, easy, few words, so, go get them, tiger!!

1) * (Asterisk)

Starting from the most basic, the asterisk! This selector is going to match with all elements in DOM


An effortless way to stay focused and don’t procrastinate

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

It is a technique to divide time and focus on your task. It’s based on sessions and resting time. Improving your concentration and helping you to finish your tasks on time.

Meet Francesco Cirillo, the creator.


Tips all freelancers need to know

Being a good freelancer and don’t die trying it

All the advantages of being a freelancer (Flexibility, give your work the cost you think it has, spends time with family/friends, workout, and many others that we are not going to cover today) may put your world upside-down, and lead you into a chaotic situation!

Required skills for a web UI developer interview — Part 1/8

What does a web ui developer need to start? Passing interview Required skills for a web ui developer interview

Yes, there is a Simpsons-moment for everything! And this is not an exception!

Today I’m going to let you know (based on my personal experience, which means it can be different to other developers) how I think a Web UI developer will need to start in a company, the basic…


This is how I made a progress in my IT career (+10 years SD Web UI DEV)

Hello all, today I’ll give you guys some tips that helped me to make some good progress in my career (as a web UI developer) and how I learned those tips (Good & Bad experiences). But, first, let me introduce myself.

Who I am?

How to progress at your IT career This is how I made a progress at my IT career SD Web UI DEV

I’m an SD (Software Designer) web UI developer with…

{ JS } Guy

Just a web UI developer, with more than 10 years experience, trying to share my own personal knowledge.

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