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An effortless way to stay focused and don’t procrastinate

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The Pomodoro Technique Book — Francesco Cirillo

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

It is a technique to divide time and focus on your task. It’s based on sessions and resting time. Improving your concentration and helping you to finish your tasks on time.

Meet Francesco Cirillo, the creator.

Francesco Cirillo — Creator of the Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo is an informatics engineer, productivity expert, and senior agile coach, who created the Pomodoro Technique in the late ’80s and gradually refined until it was finally defined in 1992.

How this technique was created?

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In his student era, it was hard for him to focus and learn new things, he felt lost with every new task, and without enough time to complete them, also he thought that. Until one day, thinking about how to improve his productivity, he went into the kitchen and saw one of those tomato-shaped kitchen clocks, and challenged himself to concentrate for at least 10 minutes, but, he did not achieve a good effect since he did not focus as he expected, but he discovered that in those minutes he was trying to get focused, he felt a real motivation! He did not lower his arms and continued with sessions of 10 minutes, and after several attempts, he realized that he could concentrate longer, and thus he reached 25 minutes and set it as standard, and then a 5 minutes resting time.

How to implement this technique?

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Is very simple to implement it, you need to set the Pomodoro clock (or any Clock / Pomodoro app) to 25 minutes, known as interval or Pomodoro, when time is up, you need to rest 5 minutes, and, to complete a full session, you need to do this 4 times. When you finish, the resting time should be longer, between 15–20 minutes, so, you will complete 1-hour working or focusing on what matters.

What are the goals for this technique?

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  • This technique makes us having resting time, go to another place, watch some TV show, or whatever you want in just 5 minutes
  • Push us to start working once at all, so, knowing that we are going to work just 20/25 minute we are not going to tend to procrastinate
  • Prevent multitasking because each Pomodoro reminds us that we are doing just one thing and there is no time for other tasks

Pomodoro apps:

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Here is a list of four apps I’ve used and I liked. All of them had the same approach, you can create tasks, the timer runs, and when it’s done there is a following 5-minute timer for resting.

  1. Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List
  2. Pomodoro Timer Lite
  3. Pomodoro Timer
  4. Pomodoro: Work Efficiently, Don’t Lose Focus

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